Development of a new page is always an interesting undertaking. This one seems to constantly be evolving as we move forward in it's creation. There's a ton of stuff to place in one spot or another about whatever aspect of our Mission & Direction as we move forward. Those choices are coming with interactive links, in and throughout each page as well many of them in the menu buttons at the top of the screen. 

Harmony and rhythm has always been a part of life for me  personally. It was was either in tune or out of tune and as I grew up in the 60's and 70's around the circle of life that was my parents. Music was ever present! My Mom and her band cutting records with several at chart climbing status... And as you can imagine between that and growing up on the family Orchard & Farm once known for Apples Peaches & Grapes Cattle and Chickens. It contributed to anything but a normal life, the fact is it was filled with an abstract process of sight and vision that required a view from between the lines and was many times blurry.. Through the years i feel like i've collected a pretty good taste for music that spans many years, styles & genere. Below are my curated music playlists on Spotify.

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THE BEST ROCK & ROLL PiZZA JOiNT iN THE WORLD! TUNED & READY FOR VOLUME. I LiKE SHUFFLE PLAY for a unique experience every time. 350 songs a menagerie' of influence. with 6 decades in life so far we've heard a lot of music, this is some of it.

MOLLY MADHOUSE: THiS ViBE has GAS and it'll take you through the paces with just 146 songs so far. But that's why i like it and maybe you will too right here w/ TheMollyMadhouse Playlist & #TheTimLongShow

HOUSE PARTY PRO: THE DISCERNING LiSTENER CLUED iN, TUNED iN & TURNED UP! HiT THE BUTTON! 170 Songs So Far, turn it up just enough to feel the bass a little! And you know what i say about shuffle play. FliP THE SWiTCH & LET THiS LiST PLAY!

SOUND MiND: What's it take to please your ears when it comes to listening tastes? Curation is always a work in progress.. This may or may not help you do just that in your life but it still feels GOOD. #TheTimLongShow

EXHiBiT ONE: HiT THE BUTTON & SHUFFLE PLAY go together like cookies and milk! We cover A LOT OF GROUND in this one. Instrumental jazz, Big Band, Rock and Roll and more. You'll love this Blendof Tastes.. Get Your Plate!

THE LAB: A decent background to any day. Some Rhythm, Soul, Rock & Roll, and Rebel Rousing.. All mixed in for a wide range experience in listening... Yes it's a little cerebral. JUST HiT SHUFFLE & Enjoy! THE LAB #TheTimLongShow

GEE WiLiKERS! This one is pretty mellow with some exceptions... All my playlists are a little different. They all cover decades of influences by artists worth their Salt! SHUFFLE PLAY is always my advice for a different! Hours of Hits you may have never heard and many of them before your time..

BUZZ MONKEY! LiKE Most of my apparatus in the curation process, this one has a lot of flavor and if you like it a little edgy this one has just that, along w/ ROCK & ROLL and MORE!