This is a New Web Project built from the ground up for all the right reasons. It serves as a multi purpose platform with ties to all we do at TheTimLongShow.

Artist, Creator, Designer, Entrepreneur, Coach, Small Business Owner, Podcaster, Service Provider, Human Being, Citizen, Neighbor, Brother, Father, Friend, Peer, Associate, Seeker, Finder, Dreamer, Doer, 1960's GenXer living life in the 2nd half century of life and more.............

Business Professional with decades of experience in Operational & Creative Service Fields, bringing Great interpersonal skills to the forefront, Geared to help, acquire, and maintain clients w/ any # of practices, and processes.. You'll  find links to our social media, merch shops, services offerings, affiliates, music playlists, podcast, blogs, and more. please look around. 

The Old Farm On Aubrey Long Road Farm & Event Venue


KIT AND KABOODLE SERVICES - We offer any version of services.  Home & Property Services,, Cool CURBS,  General Maintenance & Management with years of experience, we bring a lot to the table allowing benefit to any situation.

Life is busy, there's a ton of stuff and everyone has a lot on their plate.. We Live work and repeat and people need assistance with a number of things. We all wish to thrive in a World that chews people up and spits them out daily just trying to keep up.. We're here with any number of services within our scope of our expertise.

Hardscapes & Handyman Labor Services & Mgmt including Landscape Design, installation, Maintenance, Gardening, Curb Appeal,, Home Services, Seasonal Mgmt, Rental & AirBnB Support. management and maintenance, seasonal and elective duties at personal, business and investment properties.. Showings, Signings, Move-Ins, Move-outs, Rental
Readiness, sales prep, Staging, marketing, Painting, Repairs, Landscape, Lawn Care, Pruning, Vents, Filters, Lockouts, Property
checks, photos, & more. Client
facing services geared to the needs on more than one front including a host of concierge services..


Conducting a wide range of services and deliverables not limited to, Creative & Artistic Projects ie Web & Landing Pages, Content Creation, Social Media Management, Page Development, Branding deployment, ECOM, Product Creation, Print On Demand Support,
Shop Creation & Roll Out, Literal and Physical Art & Design Projects, Murals, Paintings, Documents, Designs, Digital Assets, NFT's,  Landing Pages,, Arts & Crafts. Creatives for individuals businesses and organizations aiding in advertising and marketing development etc. Creating visual concepts, and producing high-quality designs for
both print and digital media. We Design marketing materials such as
brochures, flyers, posters, and promotional banners. We Produce
engaging social media graphics to enhance online presence and
engagement. Collaborating with marketing teams to develop and
implement creative campaigns. Assisting senior designers in
conceptualizing and developing design & direction. 

HEY WELCOME TO THE PAGE ! Look around and enjoy the experience. Excuse the mess of construction and flow dynamics as we get things situated.

TheTimLongShow.Com I needed a place to tell my story larger than social media could provide. I needed a place to direct opportunities in growing business while benefiting others with our services and offerings. Allowing for an idea of who we are what we're doing, where we are heading and why.  With a belief that customers can appreciate such transparency in a world where so many companies operate with none.

With that said we keep pushing the envelope forward with our goals set in stone to live and perform as a part of the solutions in our lives while helping provide solutions in others lives.

Don't hesitate to look around and reach out for any number of the offerings we provide.